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The Main Requirements for a Dissertation/Thesis

The Main Requirements for a Dissertation/Thesis

There is a certain list of requirements for every dissertation/thesis paper. Of course, every writer should not only know all of them but follow them strictly. Although every educational institution has its own requirements for such serious kind of academic paper as dissertation/thesis, still, there are some general requirements that we can present you:

• Structure. Every dissertation/thesis project should be structured properly. Structure is probably one of the most difficult tasks to do in dissertation/thesis writing due to its complexity and numerous points to be included. However, the challenge may be relieved under the supervision of fully-fledged tutors and advisors. Besides, there are lots of websites providing detailed information on dissertation/thesis structure;• Format. Dissertation/thesis format is one more difficulty that every writer will certainly face. The complexity of dissertation/thesis format lies in a huge number of rules to follow while formatting. However, if you print all rules, put them in front of you and follow them while writing, your dissertation/thesis format will be excellent!• Vocabulary. Vocabulary should also be paid much attention to. There is a certain set of prohibitions that every dissertation/thesis writer should take into account while writing. Avoiding jargons, slang, barbarisms, etc. are among them.

Vocabulary is much determined by the kind of language required for a dissertation/thesis paper. The thing is that official language is obligatory for a dissertation or thesis paper, and the official language in its tern has lots of its own peculiarities. So, get to know them before you start writing your dissertation or thesis.

Rules and Writing

To be interesting in writing becomes more and more difficult. You cannot create fresh ideas all the time. You face one and the same tasks, and do not know how to improve your writing this time.

It happens sometimes that writing a dissertation or a thesis takes place twice in your life or even more. Of course, in such kind of writing a student should keep to certain rules. Rules exist everywhere! Sometime you can and you do break the rules. Sometimes you can, but do not want to break these rules, and from time to time you are eager to make something against the rules, but you have not opportunities.

So, writing a dissertation paper need hard work. It is better to start with the dissertation/thesis format. It is necessary to consult dissertation/thesis format and clear up according to which requirements you should do your work.

If you omit such step as dissertation/thesis format consultation, you are ready to take the next step – break the established rules. Are you sure that you want to be blamed on breaking out the rules?

Try to understand: this article is created specially for you, dear students! Everybody knows that students are one of those, who are eager to break the rules. Thus, in education rules mean a lot. It is a good moment to learn.

Rules and writing are two things that should be together. By means of writing rules become known to people. By means of rules writing become organized and clear.

Moreover, the presence of rules in writing gives the opportunity to tutors estimated the work and give the grade. So, get A+ with ease – follow the rules!

Any scientific work requires a format

You may guess out of the topic of this article about the presented information that will partially cover the details of the dissertation thesis format shaping. The other sources of the inquired data may be obtained either at your educational institution from the advisers or native faculty or from the different internet searchers.

So, as it has been already stated the first determination of any enterprise is its general structure or in other words format. Thus the issue will deal with the most frequently used dissertation thesis formats recorded in the history of science explorations.

As you are sure to have been once a pupil to submit some paper work then you faced definite requirements of the writing format. You may learn the useful points of the dissertation thesis format from a numerous researches left in the internet sites of the particular scholars. Bu the most common lines are listed here. So they are naturally: the first page of the title with the study originality proof, then some kind of plan enumerating research stages as well as methods and purposes of the project. Needless to say you should mention the referred scholars in your research, a usual bibliography and references.

As a conclusion any dissertation thesis format is designed specially for this or that college. Be aware in advance about the requirement of your particular one to be not unpleasantly surprised at the dissertation defense. Study more material and information connected with the topic to be fully prepared for this responsible work.

Basic Dissertation/Thesis Format Guidelines

This little guideline will be helpful for graduate students in their preparations of various theses or dissertations. These dissertation/thesis format guidelines have been updated, so, you can surely use them and do not be afraid to make a mistake.

Sometimes students think that such dissertation/thesis format guidelines cannot help, as each university has its own rules. Well, if you look attentively at the dissertation/thesis format guidelines, given in this article, you will understand that such requirements cannot be changed and your paper should correspond to them!

These guidelines will tell about the required paper, copies, margins, spacing and pagination.

Paper should be white, unlined and non-punched. Its size should be certain – 8½” x11”.

Copies: for Graduate Schools you need only one copy that will be saved at the library collection. It happens that different departments can require more copies – your task is to present them.

Margins: they are left justified. As a rule all pages should require to the certain standard (if you are the user of Microsoft Word – top (1.4), left (1.3), bottom (1.1), and right (1.1)

Spacing: Not all chapters in thesis are required to one and the same spacing. For example, you should use double spacing for an abstract, an introductory part, acknowledgments and dedications. It should be single spacing while writing footnotes, bibliography lists, appendices and quotations. Write on one side.

Pagination: There are two variants for thesis pagination: top right-hand and center. The former is recommended. You should remember that all pages should be enumerated except the title page and the abstract.

Now you know the general requirements for writing a thesis – do not forget about them!

Dissertation/Thesis Format – What Else?

The problem of a dissertation/thesis format seems to be one of the most sophisticated. Yet, on the other hand, this question seems to be one of the most frequently discussed. This is why it is difficult to add something new to a dissertation/thesis format.

Let us think together what main problems that the students may face with a dissertation/thesis format are. Actually, the main problem is following all those requirements that your paper should meet according to the format.

Everything seems to be very simple. You just take the necessary manual and do your work according to all the rules. But why students fail to stick to them?As for me, there are two basic reasons:

You do not get fully all the requirements

You are not attentive while formatting your paper.

In the latter case it is only you who can help. Your advisor cannot be attentive instead of you. Thus, you need to concentrate and step by step follow the requirements of the format.

In the first case your advisor can be rather helpful. In fact, all the difficulties with your project should be discussed with the advisor. What you need to do is:

Make a list of all the unclear moments of the format, try to find these exact moments in your dissertation.

After that you can discuss it with your advisor. It is better to be equipped with a pencil, and make all the necessary notes in the draft of your paper.

So, this is what you need to do in case of the difficulties with the format of your dissertation/thesis.

Writing a Dissertation

When a student starts writing a paper, it is very important to know about the plan that should be kept. Sometimes students know where it is possible to get the necessary guideline and present a good piece of work, sometimes they cannot decide what source is better and it causes huge mistakes.

In order to make a work with a few numbers of mistakes, it is better:

To find the guide about the necessary dissertation/thesis format;

To ask your supervisor about possible requirements for writing;

To consult several papers, which have been already estimated and defended;

To use the Internet and read the helpful hints.

It is quite possible that the necessary dissertation/thesis format will be found in the Internet sites. You know, World Wide Web is so huge and has no limitations!

This article will concentrate on the ideas for the possible dissertation/thesis formats. You get an opportunity to become aware about the issues, which may be enlightened in the dissertation/thesis format.

First of all, it is necessary to think about the major requirements:


Font size;




Secondly, it is desirable to clear up in what way the reference list should be presented:

Alphabetical order;

Correct information;

Necessary spacing.

Thirdly, it is obligatory to know how the footnotes should be added:

At the bottom of the page;

Near to the reference it refers to;

Required format;

The separate list at the end of each chapter.

You cannot ignore such rules and you should know about them. On this site a lot of interesting information may be found – look attentively!

When you Have to Think of Dissertation/Thesis Format

I know that a dissertation/thesis format is an important requirement, which your work has to meet. Yet, I would not advise you to start working on your paper with a dissertation/thesis format. You will always have time to fit your writing to a certain format. All those manuals on the dissertation/thesis format can be easily found, and you will be aware of all the requirements.

I am sure that your main concern should be focused on the subject of work. If you want to get a good piece of writing, you have to feel the subject. Your topic should be closely connected with you. It should be a part of your inner world. Only in that case you will be able to work productively.

How can you understand that your topic fits you best? There are several methods to define it.

First, you need to find a quiet place and sufficient amount of time for thinking over thoroughly every aspect of your topic.

Then you have to think of the feelings that the topic arouses. Needless to say, these feelings should be positive. If you feel that some points of the topic make you feel depressed or just uncomfortable, it is better to think of another topic.

Think whether you have some memories or experience in your life connected with your topic. It will be much easier to disclose it, if you once you have dealt with a similar kind of work.

Because of all these peculiarities, choosing a topic is called one of the most difficult parts of writing a dissertation/thesis. Yet, if you want your work to be successful, you cannot omit these specific aspects.

Possible Mistakes in Your Dissertation

All students are people. And all people get into the habit of making mistakes. Sometimes it is possible to correct them, but sometimes it is too late to do something. In order to help you somehow, I made up my mind to present you this article and point out some of common mistakes, which students can make in their dissertation writing.

You should know that with the help of dissertation/thesis format it possible to a void a great number of mistakes. Only when you consult dissertation/thesis format, you get to know more about the ways of overcoming possible mistakes.

So, by means of dissertation/thesis format I will enumerate possible mistakes and you try to overcome them.

General mistakes:

Both side printing;

Disparity of margins;

Page enumeration.

Mistakes of the title page:

Wrong capitalization of the words;

Number of page is on this page;

No approval by the committee;

Wrong information about the work.

Mistakes of the abstract:

Wrong title (does not equal to that one on the title page);

More then 350 words;

No page enumeration;

Wrong page enumeration;

Incorrect information.

Mistakes of the table of contents:

Its absence;

Wrong/missed page enumeration.

Mistakes of the list of illustrations:

More then one illustration on one page;

Page enumeration/missing.

Mistakes of the bibliography list:

No single spacing;

It does not begin with a new page;

No correspondence to the necessary reference style.

Mistakes of the test:

Wrong page numbers/their absence;

Not indented paragraphs;

Any but not double-spaced text;

Out of margins.

Does a Dissertation Being not Formatted Make any Sense?

Many students do not pay any attention to the dissertation format required. They are too concentrated on the topic of their dissertations, so that all the rest (including spelling, grammar, dissertation format) becomes a secondary thing for them, they just obnubilate. Can we talk about the quality of a dissertation if it is not well-formatted? I guess it will be reasonable to discuss this question.

Of course, a dissertation, being not properly-formatted makes a sense, since it is a paper that has a content. Still, dissertation format is an integral part of any dissertation that should not be passed over lightly. You know it perfectly by yourself, the main requirements for a dissertation project include following the major rules of the style of formatting established by the academic institution you are studying in. Therefore, if the requirement exists, it has all rights to be fulfilled.Actually, not rights, but it is even MORE THAN OBLIGATORY!

Dissertation format means that your paper has a completed view where all ideas and thoughts are presented appropriately. Do you think you would make any sense if you had no face? The content only cannot complete the form itself. That is why we can talk about the dissertation format as about something that is extremely important to fulfill.

So, if you are writing a dissertation project, make sure that all foot/endnotes, references, the title page, page numbers, etc. are properly organized and placed in required places.

So, the conclusion is that a dissertation does, of course, make a sense without being formatted, still your grade will be much pulled down because of it.

Dissertation (Thesis) Format

It is quite evident that when you are going to write a dissertation or a thesis, you should take into account the specified dissertation (thesis) format of writing. You should pay special attention to the fact that any dissertation (thesis) format vary from university to university.

So, if you are going to write a dissertation or a thesis, you should find out the format of it, so that you will be able to follow it.

In general the format of writing a dissertation or a thesis comprises the special instructions for designing your paper. In this connection, the format instructs on the right design of a typeface, margins, spacing, pagination, corrections, tables, graphs and figures, copies, photographs (if any are used in a dissertation), choice of language, binding, etc.

Dissertation (thesis) format

It is admitted that the final draft of any dissertation or thesis should be prepared including the following format, which is general for any type of dissertation:Pagination: the title page, the copyright and the approval are not paginated, still there are counted in the general number of pages.

Remember, if you are writing a dissertation for a master’s degree, you would better use the word “Thesis” instead of “Dissertation” on the first, the so-called preliminary pages.

Preliminary pages are:

Title page;

Copyright (if required);

Approval page;

Acknowledgments (if required);

Dedication (if required);

Abstract (for PhD is necessary, for master’s degree is optional);

Table of contents.

Now, I hope you have quite clear understanding of what a dissertation (thesis) format should be.

Is a Dissertation-Thesis Format Important?

When we talk about a dissertation or a thesis, we cannot but mention about the importance of a dissertation/thesis format. Why is a dissertation/thesis format so important? This is exactly what my article is devoted to. I will try to explain you the importance of a dissertation/thesis format and, perhaps, to make you take this task seriously.

As the majority of students are more concentrating on the ideas to include into their dissertation or thesis, their grades are very often pulled down because of the format mistakes. Everyone has seen a beautiful girl. Sometimes it happens that her appearance does not correspond to her inner world. In this case people do not like her, as people prefer harmony between the internal and external. It concerns everything in our life.

Like people are disappointed when they find out that a beautiful girl is a real snake, your Professor will be disappointed if your work is not formatted appropriately. What is the value of genius ideas if they are presented incorrectly?

So, let me repeat once more: there should be a certain harmony between the content and the appearance of your dissertation. So, when writing your dissertation, you had better find out the main rules of the style your paper should be written in and keep to them while writing.

Finally, before you hand your dissertation or thesis in, check it for several times. Perhaps, there are any mistakes that might be hidden from your eyes at the first sight. It is always better to proofread and edit your paper a few days later after your project is finished.

Why the dissertation (thesis) format is required

You know, observing the dissertation (thesis) format is one of the strictest requirements in dissertation (thesis) writing. Maybe you cannot understand this.Therefore we decided to explain it to you in order to destroy all of your misunderstandings.

The dissertation (thesis) format is really important to be observed. It is necessary to design your dissertation or thesis according to the rules of chosen dissertation (thesis) format because it is one of the most important points in your paper’s evaluation but this is not the only reason to design your paper correctly. The real reason lies much deeper, and we will try to the bottom of it.

You see, the papers on different disciplines have different dissertation (thesis) formats. It is not without a reason. The formats are created in order to help you to present your work better. And each format is meant for better presentation of facts and results of your research. It is hard to trace the regular occurrence of it now, because it was created ages ago. However, we should trust those people who had developed it, because they did it in order to help us. If all the papers had one and the same dissertation (thesis) format, a great jumble will appear. And now, you can define a field of a dissertation or a thesis’ research after having just a glance to it. It must be very convenient if people still follow the rule and observe dissertation (thesis) formats. And your task is not to try to understand it, but to follow the common tendency.

Dissertation Format and Dissertation Structure Are the Same Things or Not?

Are you sure that a dissertation\thesis format and a dissertation\thesis structure are the same things? If you think that they are, then this article should be read by you right now. It can save you from the biggest mistake in your study.

As for the dissertation\thesis format…

You should understand that a dissertation\thesis format is a list of requirements, which should be taken into consideration, while writing a dissertation or a thesis.

When you find a necessary dissertation\thesis format, you get to know more how you should write your work: what are the margins, spacing, page arrangement and number of pages, copywriting instructions and the requirements for writing each chapter in your dissertation.

With the help of the dissertation\thesis format you will be aware how you can improve your work and what can make your writing more strength.

With the help of the dissertation\thesis format you will get to know how much copies you need in order to start writing your project (what format and for what schools).

With the help of the dissertation\thesis format you will understand how you should arrange your dissertation writing.

As for the dissertation\thesis structure…

Here we should say only about the number of chapters and how they should be arranged in your dissertation. When you face the requirements for writing a dissertation, you will understand that it is important to make your work in a certain order and that each chapter on your paper has its own functions:



Literature review;






I hope you get the idea about the differences between the dissertation\thesis format and structure!

Dissertation (thesis) format

Formatting the paper is the last step to the dissertation or thesis writing. However, it is used to choose the dissertation (thesis) format in the narrow beginning.

We cannot explain this tendency. Maybe the students and their dissertation and thesis supervisors feel themselves more confident when they know that they have already decided all the organization questions, and from now on they just have to put the plans into practice. However, even if the reasons are another, the rule is to decide on dissertation (thesis) format before getting started to work on the paper.

The dissertation (thesis) format is a style applied in design of the paper. The formats differ in requirements to the papers’ design.

Every discipline presupposes the papers being designed in particular format, and it is necessary to observe these requirements.

Normally, the dissertation (thesis) formats are chosen by supervisors, who impose their rules to the students. However, sometimes the students make the choice on their own. It is dangerous, since you can choose a wrong format, which will not be adopted by the defense committee. So, you had better consulted with the supervisor before making the final decision.

While formatting your paper, be attentive to observe all the dissertation (thesis) format regulations. If you make even the slightest mistake, it may be considered to be very serious, and cause a lot of harm. Students often get lower grades because of making mistakes in formatting their papers. So, you should revise if everything is correct before passing your paper to the defense committee.

What is the dissertation (thesis) format?

Speaking of the dissertation (thesis) format, we should put the notion of the term clearer in the first term. Let us explain you what the dissertation (thesis) format is.

The dissertation (thesis) format is a set of the regulations for designing your dissertation or thesis paper. It tells you what font you should use for printing a paper; what margins should the paper have; how you should type the headings; where you should point the numbers of the pages; how you should design the cover page of your dissertation o thesis paper; and the like. These regulations are very important to be observed, since you paper’s design will be evaluated very strictly.

By the way, there are a lot of different dissertation (thesis) format. And you will have to choose a format which would be suitable for your particular paper. If you fail to make a correct choice; you will not get a good grade for your work.

Since this article is not dedicated to the process of deciding on the dissertation (thesis) format, we are not going to discuss it now. If you want to be informed about the criteria for making a choice between different dissertation (thesis) formats, we recommend you to ay your attention to the other articles contained in the blog of our site. There are a lot of articles, which are sure to direct you in making a choice. And the aim of the current article is already completed as we were going just to explain the notion of the dissertation (thesis) format.

Alien vs. Predator Dissertation/Thesis Format

Well, actually I am not going to talk about dissertation/thesis format in this article. I think that the question of dissertation/thesis format you have discussed many times with your advisor. What is so special about dissertation/thesis format? It seems to be one of the easiest points of dissertation/thesis writing. You just clear up what exact format you will have to use, find a special manual and write your work according to all the rules of this particular format.

This is why I thought that it will not be so interesting to discuss dissertation/thesis format one more time. I know that for students the topic of their work is much more serious problem. It is really difficult to find something catching for a dissertation.

I am sure that everybody has heard about the film Alien vs. Predator which was released in 2004 but definitely not many students have written a dissertation on this movie. You can be the first one to investigate this movie.

95 million dollars were spent to make this film and the worldwide proceedings from the movie made up approximately 117 million dollars. Despite all that, this film received all the negative critics. In 2005 Alien vs. Predator received Golden Raspberry award in the category “Worst remake or sequel”. Yet it is one of the commercially most successful films and it was a reason why at the end of 2007 the sequel was made. It is called Alien vs. Predator - Requiem.Some more info about the film.

Brief plot: in 2004 a group of scientists came to Antarctica to study the ancient pyramid which was hidden under the thickness of ice. However, the scientists did not know that this mysterious place a few Predators had to visit. It was a kind of custom and every 100 years Predators and Aliens met to prove their power.

Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Lance Henriksen, Raoul Bova, Ewen Bremner, Colin Salmon.

A soundtrack for the film was created by Austrian composer Harald Kloser. This is a man who created a soundtrack for the famous The Day After Tomorrow.

So, although the film was criticized, I strongly recommend watching it. The special effects are tremendous and you will definitely get unforgettable feelings.

APA Dissertation (Thesis) Format

Does a paper formatting cause you any troubles? What is the reason? Do you not know the main rules of formatting your dissertation (thesis)? There is no need to read 50 website pages over and over again if you want to know about APA dissertation (Thesis) format. The main advantage of this article lies in brief and clear formulation of the main rules of APA style. Thus, you will get a distinct picture of APA dissertation (thesis) format and its peculiarities.

APA dissertation (thesis) format: Rules to Follow

The title page of a paper should include a running head (no more than 4 words), the title of your project, your name, your supervisor’s name and the name of your academic institution;

Abstract is placed on a separate page. The size of the abstract is no more than 75-100 words. The abstract of your dissertation (thesis) should provide the general idea of your research;

The page numbers are set in the right upper hand corner, beginning with the title page of your paper;

The headings are placed in the middle of a page, they should be centered and marked either by a bold type, or by italics;

The ideas you want to focus on can also be bold typed or marked by italics;

The appendices should have the titles and the sources given below;

The references are placed in the end of your paper, on a separate page as well;

The sources used should be presented in the reference page and alphabetized by the authors’ names.

Use the tips presented while writing your paper and economize your time that might be spent on searching info on a dissertation (thesis) format.

Be Creative in Your Writing

To follow the rules is not always pleasant. Sometimes students are so inspired and they want to present such projects, which you will never see. In such case following necessary rules becomes a real problem. If you write a dissertation, you should now necessary dissertation\thesis format.

It is necessary to find such method guides, where all peculiarities of any dissertation\thesis format are presented. Also, it is necessary to analyze the information and follow chosen dissertation\thesis format.

But this time I do not want to talk about following these rules. This time we should pay attention to your own possibilities. Do you like creativity? Do you like to amaze everyone? Do you like to demonstrate your abilities, if they are really great? I think, you should.

In such case it is important not to hide everything. You may talk to your tutor and decide: may be your proposition will be accepted and you can open a new way of writing papers. You should try. You know, your attempt will not be punished!

Also it is necessary to know that when you are on your way for presenting your ideas in your project, you should be sure in each your step. You should be ready to prove your ideas. Show that your ideas make some sense.

You may not only amaze your readers with your ideas for writing, but also present a catching structure of your work. It should be new, interesting and not ordinary. Of course, it should be discussed with your tutor. Try to show that it may be good and interesting.

If you want to know more about writing and its peculiarities you may visit interesting sites for writers. The Internet offers a lot of such sites, you should look for them!

Who Chooses the Dissertation and Thesis Format?

The dissertation and thesis format is a design of the paper. The formats may be different, and each format presupposes designing the paper according to some regulation. The most of requirements to the dissertation or thesis design are similar. However, each format has its own peculiar feature or features. For example, the APA dissertation and thesis format presupposes the numbers of the pages to be printed in the upper right corner, while the MLA format requires them to be typed in the top left corner. The difference seems to be not significant. However, if you mix it up, you will be punished by a lower grade. All the regulations have to be observed precisely. To confusion is allowed.

The student can choose a dissertation or thesis format on his or her own if he or she knows what particular formats presuppose different academic disciplines. Though, in order to avoid a mix-up, it is better for the student to consult with a supervisor in order to make sure not to confuse the formats.

The Turabian dissertation and thesis format is considered to be a universal format, since it can be used within any paper. However, we do not recommend to apply any format without getting it approved by your dissertation or thesis supervisor. You had better first asked your supervisor if he or she does not mind you using a chosen format, if you do not want to be forced to remake the entire dissertation or thesis.

So, the dissertation and thesis format is normally chosen by the student together with his or her supervisor.

What You Should Know about Dissertation Format

If you want to know more about dissertation (thesis) format, this article should interest you, as here I want to underline the main points of any dissertation (thesis) format and its importance.

When you start writing your project, it is better to get to know about all established requirements for your work. A dissertation (thesis) format is one of the most crucial.

When we are talking about dissertation (thesis) format, we should first of all pay attention to:

General specifications;

Page format;

Text format;

Reference format.

These points are the most important for you. Of course, you should know about general specifications. You should be aware about paper quality and its size. Also, you should clear up whether the paper should be one side printed or the variations are possible.

Your page format is also significant. It is obligatory to use necessary spacing, margins and numbering. If you make a mistake in these simple requirements, the grade of your work may be spoiled.

Also, you should remind your text formatting. When the general view of your work seems okay, the chances to be successful with your work are raising. You should perfectly prepare your title page, then you should follow, that each chapter should begin from a new page and its title should be noticed. So, try to follow the rule, but keep in mind, that it is possible to break them a bit in order to make your work unique.

The last, but surely not the least point is your reference formatting. It is normally, when you use different quotations and citations in order to improve your work. You should be very attentive with its usage. You should know about style requirements and follow them.

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